"The Butterfly Movement: A New Paradigm"

                                             (The Forum for ALL value-based social movements)


“The Butterfly Movement” is the "Umbrella Movement" that embraces ALL value-based social and inter-personal movements and seminars to create: Heaven on Earth.

It is also a movement where people from all walks of life support the fact that it takes the combination of the right brain (the feminine, intuitive and heart-driven side) and the left brain (the masculine, practical and mind-driven side) to make a COMPLETE human being; and, therefore, re-unite mankind through co-independence instead of co-dependence and a greater purpose than just ourselves.

“The Butterfly Movement” offers the musicals, "Mistress Sally," "Kennedy" and "The Greatest Story Never Told" along with  the  documentary, "Thrive“ and access to other value-based social and inter-personal movements and seminars like TBM'S Ever-Evolving 11 Step Program:” to guide and help us evolve from the cocoon back into the beautiful and free butterfly we were created to be in order to help those from every walk of life find awareness of what's really going on in this world of ours and to do something about it!

TBM is not only the nation's newest Paradigm, but the long awaited "Umbrella Movement" that completes us all and brings us back together in harmony, love, bliss and freedom to support one another to fulfill our purpose-driven-destiny in order to make the world 'a safe and noble place for young people.'

Members of this value-based social movement will have access to ‘free' advice from renown specialists from all fields of endeavor and other value-based movements and seminars to discuss 'solutions' to resolve both personal and world problems.

This movement opens the door to meeting people just like ourselves, who are striving to be “complete and whole” human-beings; and, who are not looking for their other ‘half' but, instead, their other ‘whole;' people who want access to the information necessary to help them accomplish a goal that is much greater than just themselves.

“I Am Butterfly….Watch Me Soar!”



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The Butterfly Effect Organization

Fee: $25.00 Yearly

As a member, you will receive :

Free advice from our specialists in almost ever field of endeavor. (Priceless)

Free admission to all meetings, seminars and functions in all Chapters throughout the nation

Accessibility to networking with all members by internet



In 2012, "The Butterfly Effect" will be released. It is a self-help/new age/spiritual book that teaches you "How to become the person you already are----but somewhere along the way, forgot you were!"

'The Butterfly Effect' is not only a book, but it is an 'Ever-Evolving Eleven Step Program,' which guides you through the steps on how to re-gain your self-esteem and become the genius, hero and champion you were born to be.

'The Butterfly Effect' is nothing new. It has been practiced by the greatest scholars, inventors, artists and writers for thousands of years.

Dr. William Harrison, a pioneer and co-founder of 'The Center for Top Performance,' along with Allan Jay Friedman, will teach the members of the organization, "The Butterfly Effect," 'how' to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Harrison has spent the last thirty-five years studying and analyzing the basic qualities that create: Geniuses-Heroes and Champions along with Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Super Bowl Winners, Emmy and Oscar Winning Writers, Producers, Actors and Actresses and Presidents and CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies.

"The Butterfly Effect" will teach people "How to be who they already are, but forgot they were."



The Butterfly Movement